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Signed Print: The Sentinel (LIMITED OFFER)

The emperor penguin colony of Atka Bay in front of my all-time favorite iceberg “Sad Glacier”. Sad Glacier was a landmark of the southern part of Atka Bay and because a “friend” of mine, during my first overwintering. Find out more in my book “Penguin – A Story of Survival”.

Part of the collection “Icebergs of Atka Bay”

Available in sizes:
– 20 x 30cm
– 30 x 45cm
– 40 x 60cm

Printed on Hahnemühle PhotoRag (308g/m2) Paper (structured, matte).

Sold without frame/hanger (product image is only an example).

2 cm of white border around the image.
Signed right hand side, underneath the image.

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20 x 30cm, 30 x 45cm, 40 x 60cm


Hahnemühle Photo Rag (matte, structured, 308g/m2)

Border around the image

2cm, white, around entire image


Signed, right hand side below the image.

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